Imagine the pleasure of sitting under a glass roofed verandah on a balmy summer night, or sheltered from a rain shower; still able to enjoy a barbeque while others can't, or simply watching in blissful silence as the first snows fall.

All our verandahs are made made to your bespoke design. The Carmen Verandah is able to go around corners and to have either Gabled or Hipped ends, depending on what best suits your property. The pitch of the roof can be varied between 3° and 42°, which allows for any height restrictions caused by upper storey windows or single storey constructions.

Planning permission for Verandahs is not usually required, as they are classified as being 'temporary structures', however we advise checking with your local authority Planning Officers to determine your specific compliances.

I never thought I'd be able to grow apricots in my garden in Northamptonshire, but we picked several kilos last year from our tree under the lovely Verandah you erected for us two years ago. Wonderful!

D. Thompson, Nr. Banbury

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