Structure Designs

We are truly passionate about our structures and continuous development is a high priority to allow us to develop more choice for your bespoke structure.

Column Designs


Our V8 column is a smooth, tubular column made of 10mm thick high-grade aluminium. This is our most popular column, given its versatility and compatibility with numerous components. Try with or without arches, bases, rings – there are numerous options to choose from!

Fluted column

We have recently added to our range the fluted column, with all its ancillary components, now available from stock! The fluted column is similar in style to the classic Georgian and Victorian lampposts, once a common feature to light up our streets, adding the perfect amount of period style to your home’s exterior.

The fluted columns are extruded in pure aluminium and are available in any length up to 3 metres, the same as the V8 columns, although both styles can be cut to length when being installed.

The castings that accompany the fluted column have been specifically designed to match in with almost any style of architecture, having a classic appearance. It is easy to interchange these quality ancillary castings with either the V8 or fluted column.


Originally cast from a mould based on an early Victorian column designed by George Whitworth, this single-cast column is the heaviest in our range and comes at a length of 2.428m long (this can be reduced but must be done prior to installation). With its simple, clean lines many of our customers have favoured this column since we introduced it in 2015.


Our lattice column is very close to our hearts, as it is where our story began – it was the first column we ever made! We have adapted and improved the lattice column and its ancillary components over the years, and we feel it is now better than ever. Many clients choose the lattice column, some purely for its aesthetic value; others who wish grow plants (vines, clematis, roses, etc.) up and around it.


We triple powder-coat all aluminium parts of your bespoke structure in a range of over 500 colours. Want us to match a specific paint colour? Just ask! Below are a selection of our most popular colours – please note that the colour may vary from screen to screen and are here for illustrative purposes only.

Jet Black
RAL 9005
Blue grey
RAL 7031
Silver grey
RAL 7001
Pebble grey
RAL 7032
RAL 9001
Traffic White
RAL 9016
Pastel Blue
RAL 5024